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Here is what we do...

Solana specializes in developing software solutions and related services for agencies serving people with developmental disabilities. Our fully integrated, enterprise software suite offers I/DD providers solutions for isolated problems or a full suite of software products designed to facilitate nearly every financial, client and employee management function required to operate a successful agency. Services such as predictive analytics, payroll and billing services and W-2/1099 processing give your agency an additional partner in ensuring your clients get the attention they deserve.



From scheduling the right staff to gathering time and expense data through billing for services, paying staff and producing financial statements, Solana has the software solution to make your agency more efficient! Not just financial management software, Solana's employee care and client care solutions make sure your most important assets are in the forefront: your people.

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Business Services

Business Services

Do you want to know more about where you can improve efficiency, effectiveness and decision making? Try our Predictive Analytics services. Place your focus squarely on the individuals you serve. Solana has your back office needs covered with our payroll, billing and W-2/1099/ACA processing services.

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Working with us has its perks


Industry Specific

Our solutions are developed through strong ties to human service agencies with a sole focus on I/DD agencies and professionals.

Ease of Use

Our software is easy to learn and use with little training.

We Listen

We pay attention to the solutions that matter most to agencies that serve individuals with I/DD.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

We have a team dedicated to developing new solutions to lead our industry’s product development cycle.

Technical Support

With a 99% satisfaction rating, our customers applaud our personal service and fast response times. Our implementation team is tops with a 100% satisfaction rating.

Learning Center

Users have unlimited 24/7 access to interactive tutorials, PDF guides, white papers and FAQs.

We Love Our Customers

Customer service is owned by everyone at Solana. Supporting customers is the number one priority at Solana, whether during the initial implementation phase or ongoing. Our team will become an extension of your office and an asset available to assist with day-to-day functions when an area of trouble arises, as well as, to offer suggestions for more efficient operations. We actively solicit feature requests, understanding that our day-to-day users are the experts on what could make our products even better.

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