We Care

At Solana, we care about the work you do and the why behind it. Our shared purpose means that we are in full alignment with your needs.

  • We value people over paper. Our technology is easy to learn and effective. This means your DSPs can spend more time serving individuals.
  • We serve your needs, so that your people can serve others.
  • Our tools offer a measureable impact. We help reduce turnover.
  • We solve your current problems -- EVV solutions, EHR and individual care delivery, optimizing your cash flows, workforce retention and many more.
  • We are constantly designing new, innovative products to make your life easier and to provide better care.
  • We are working with large data sets to study patterns and learn how to translate that into higher staff retention rates and reduce the costs and disruption associated with turnover.
  • We are using forward thinking technologies to shorten and improve how your staff is trained.
  • Our human capital software is being designed to help improve the development of your staff and learn to better lead people‚Äôs work.
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