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Solana’s Accounts Payable software offers a streamlined process to get your payables out the door. With our Accounts Payable software, keying monthly invoices and making payments takes less time than ever before. You can change vendor addresses and other pertinent information at any point in the process. You can even add new vendors during invoice entry without interrupting your flow.

Memorize frequent invoices and use our recall and re-entry feature. Eliminate keying invoices all together with the ability to import credit card transactions to create invoices and automatically distribute the expenses to as many cost centers/sub-accounts as needed. With our Account Payable software, invoice entry becomes quick and easy!

Automatically select invoices for payment, track discount dates, due dates and open credits. Create one vendor payment for multiple invoices. Print a check or create an EFT and email the stub to the vendor.

Solana’s Accounts Payable software incorporates the controls you need to produce a clear audit trail. Set up a formal workflow so that payments are approved before the check is printed or EFT is generated.

Void/replace payments directly from the Accounts Payable software without having access to the entire General Ledger. Set the rules for when payments can be deleted in open fiscal periods and prevent additional invoices from being added in a closed period. With the click of a button, you can monitor past due aging and cash requirements for the date ranges you define.

Our Accounts Payable software integrates with our General Ledger module. In addition, if you use Solana’s Employee and Client Management modules the lists from these modules are accessible in the Accounts Payable module, which you can use to distribute expenses to employees or clients.

Solana ProviderPro Accounts Payable software

Key Benefits

  • Enter repetitive data once to save administrative time
  • Reduce administrative costs with the reduction in invoice processing time
  • Always know where your cash requirements stand
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