The best software for financials

Solana’s Accounts Receivable software gives you the power to see your client’s payment history at a glance. Quickly know who is delinquent and what payments are expected to come into your agency.

Accounts Receivable software reduces the process of manually keying invoices. Invoice entry becomes more efficient as you can apply discount rates, discounts, due dates and sales tax automatically as you create the invoice. Memorize and recall frequently occurring invoices to save even more time. Easily add new customers or update customer information without leaving your invoice entry.

Our Accounts Receivable software automatically distributes and applies receipts to a specific invoice or multiple invoices and can calculate finance charges. The Accounts Receivable software integrates with our General Ledger module for access to accounts, sub-accounts, and cost centers.

Our cross-module access allows you to quickly distribute expenses to employees or clients. Finally, our Accounts Receivable software integrates with our Billing module to generate invoices for those individuals that have patient liability.

With Solana’s Accounts Receivable software, collecting payments from your services becomes easier and efficient.

Solana ProviderPro Accounts Receivable software

Key Benefits

  • Save administrative time when creating and sending out invoices and statements
  • As the amount of time spent processing invoices goes down, so do related costs
  • Always know when cash receipts are due
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