Software for the I/DD Industry

Solana’s Billing software creates the invoice for contracted services (including hours of service, per diems and units of service) to submit to funding sources (electronic or hard copy).

Billing starts with recording hours and units of service for three main purposes:

  • Provide the data needed to bill the appropriate funding source for the services provided
  • Transfer hours and units to Payroll to pay staff wages and reimburse mileage
  • Compare the actual service provided to the client’s contract to pinpoint over/under utilization.

Stop leaving money on the table from unbilled services. Maximize contracted services with the Service Budget Utilization report. This report compares the client’s individual service plan (ISP) to the actual service provided on a weekly basis for all service types (even ratios like 1:1, 1:2, etc.) to identify problem areas.

The standard Outstanding Bills and Receivables Aging reports let you stay on top of billing receivables helping you to increase cash flow. Review Contract reports to identify clients who do not have active contracts or have contracts coming due. Accrue unbilled revenue to show complete revenue picture and recognize billing in the appropriate month.

Increase the efficiency of your billing staff and reduce administrative costs with timesaving features that eliminate duplication. Staff can check for common data-entry errors like overlapping services in real-time. Integrate with Solana’s Time Tracking software and most of these errors are corrected and eliminated before they even get to the Billing software. Take advantage of system-generated, retroactive billing for service limit changes, rate changes and late time slips on previously submitted bills. Use online reconciliation to assist you in reconciling your payments to your billing claims. Postpone a reconciliation and start the process again right where you left off. Mark denied claims for resubmission to the funding source or write them off altogether without data re-entry. Bill per diem, hourly, ½ hour, ¼ hour, and units (transportation, residential, day habilitation, etc.) to the appropriate funding source.

In addition to Time Tracking, the Billing software also integrates with these Solana modules: Client Information, Day Services, General Ledger and Payroll. Client Information houses client-related data and supplies the list of individuals to the Billing software. Payroll supplies a list of billable employees to Billing and processes service hours by employee for payroll purposes. General Ledger then stores all money transactions, billings, cash receipts, and other financial data. Day Services transfers data from day supports to Billing to seamlessly bill funding sources for those provided services.

Solana Billing software

Key Benefits

  • Increase revenue and cash flow with built-in contract utilization and outstanding bills reports
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce administrative costs with time-saving features
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