The Best Software for Client Care

Solana's new Client Care software will help you deliver the very best care. Your direct support professionals can easily look up information, check program plans, track ADLs, and log care notes. It simplifies reporting, offers visual charting, and provides for automated notifications and configurable workflows for incident management'

Plus, it is completely mobile on any device! See below for more information and contact our sales team to schedule a demo.

Add on our Time Tracking, Staff Scheduling, eMAR for the best system in the industry.

Client Information
Tracks name/address/contact information
Tracks personal contacts
Tracks agency contacts
Tracks demographic information
Tracks language/citizenship information
Tracks releases/consents
Tracks insurance and Medicaid/Medicare information
Tracks diagnosis/allergies/medications
Tracks medical providers
Tracks funding sources/income sources
Tracks client events
Tracks client inventory items
Agency-defined notebooks/notes
Program Planning
Tracks program plans and goals
Tracks objectives
Tracks assessment
Agency-defined notebooks/notes
Tasks for DSP to administer program
Document program results in real-time
Auto calculate program result success rates
Auto created graphs and charts

Miscellaneous Data Collection
Tracks vitals
Tracks intakes/outputs
Tracks other agency-defined data
Agency-defined notebooks/notes
Tasks for DSP to collect data
Document data in real-time
Auto created graphs and charts
Incident Tracking
Tracks incident details
Tracks other people involved
Tracks treatment information
Tracks actions to prevent future incidents
Agency-defined notebooks/notes
New incident can be added from the field
Managers can automatically be notified of new incident
Tasks can automatically be created and assigned
Incident status with actions
Employee and client organizational structure that defines security access and notification
Caregiver dashboard
Client manager dashboard

Send messages to one or more DSP users

Audit who can change what and when
Security capability down to the client/field
Report writer
Import/export using Excel
Access via web (smart phones/tablets/notebooks/desktops)