Software for the I/DD Industry

The requirements for managing supported employment facilities continue to be more demanding and for good reasons – to give the individuals in your employ a meaningful and safe employment experience.

No matter if the individuals employed at your supported employment facility complete piece rate projects, hourly projects or have volunteer time, Solana’s Day Services can handle it. Let Day Services calculate piece rates based on hourly rate changes (and globally re- calculate if rates increase) as well as check for overlapping time and duplicates to shorten your processing time. Add-on the optional Day Services Staff Entry and give your staff the ability to record time-based transactions on behalf of the Individuals’ time sheets (that are based on their schedules) for the various jobs they complete (piece rate, hourly or non-worked) for a particular day in real time. Once the time sheets are completed, designated managers can then review and approve them.

When paired with Solana’s Payroll and Billing software, Day Services provides a single point of entry for the data you need to pay the individuals working at your supported employment or sheltered workshop facility and create an invoice for the funding source for the services provided.

Solana Day Services software

Key Benefits

  • Reduce admin costs with reduced processing time and one-point entry
  • Make staffing and pricing adjustments to increase productivity based on real-time data
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