HR is a snap with Solana

Solana’s Payroll software meets the unique needs of providers serving individuals with developmental disabilities. Our Payroll software allows for unlimited, formula-based wage types (regular, overtime, holiday, shift premiums, bonuses, etc.) that work with multiple base rates (regular, overnight, multiple job titles with different pay rates, etc.) to handle all pay rate situations. Payroll allocates costs to numerous sites, locations, programs, clients, and more. It lets you process payroll in whatever grouping matches your agency needs such as different pay dates or multiple classes of employee (union, salary, etc.)

Save time cutting multiple checks and include non-payroll reimbursements (mileage, travel expenses, etc.) within an employee’s paycheck. Reimbursements appear along with pay while not being subject to taxes and deductions. Other timesaving features include the ability to distribute direct deposits to multiple employee bank accounts, override system-calculated deductions and taxes, batch process wage and reimbursement entries and print multiple checks per employee. In addition, with Payroll you can save even more time as taxes (federal, state, city, etc.,) and deductions (benefits, garnishments, uniforms, 401(k), etc.) can be set up at the company level, employee level, or both. You can make mass changes to deductions and taxes without manually editing each one and establish withholding maximums to avoid mistakes. In addition, you can enter known withholding changes in advance.

Track employee paid time off with ease using your specific PTO policy. The Payroll module accrues, assigns and relieves PTO without user intervention. PTO tracking compares requested time versus available time to alert your payroll clerks if the employee does not have adequate paid time off hours available.

Hundreds of report combinations are available within Payroll. Examine payroll expense by cost center, job title or wage type. Review hours, wages, deductions, taxes, and PTO balances with ease. Exception reports detail out-of-ordinary events like employees with multiple checks, active employees not getting payments, employees receiving overtime with less than 40 regular hours worked, and more. Print your 940 and 941 directly from Payroll as well as create your electronic SUTA and New Hire files.

Integrate with Solana’s Time Tracking software to import wage and reimbursement information into the Payroll software and automatically create wage and expense entries.

Solana Payroll software
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