HR is a snap with Solana

Solana’s Staff Scheduling software is the only premium staff management software that is designed from the ground up for the complicated needs of agencies that serve people with developmental disabilities.

Auto-schedule your staff to optimize labor utilization based on hours or cost rates. Complex algorithms enable an agency to manage their workforce, maintain compliance with Affordable Care Act guidelines, and minimize labor costs; which are typically 75% of an agency’s expenses.

Improve employee retention rates. The Staff Satisfaction Index allows staff to set their shift preferences. Data is then used to determine at what level their preferences were met. This can help reduce turnover rates.

Rest easy knowing your data is secure. Because Staff Scheduling is a “web-based tool” and NOT an “app” no data is stored on mobile devices. This mitigates risks concerning HIPAA data or employee confidential information.

Improve care by ensuring staff training compliance. Because Staff Scheduling links with Solana’s Employee Requirements software, you can be assured that only certified staff members who meet the specific training requirements of each location and client are scheduled.

Additionally, when linked with Time Tracking software, you can generate variance analysis reports. Use this important tool set to evaluate meeting shift requirements on time, learn which staff members and supervisors are closely managing to a plan and monitor labor costs and any need for staff improvement.

Solana Staff Scheduling software

Key Benefits

  • Ensure the best care possible for those that you serve, with the staff that can meet their needs
  • Increase employee retention and reduce replacement training costs
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Improve employee satisfaction
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