HR is a snap with Solana

Solana’s Time Tracking software frees you and your staff to let you focus on our mission of serving the individuals in your care and on your most important assets - your staff.

Time Tracking provides you with a streamlined process that solves these agency challenges:

Distribution and collection of paper forms.

With Time Tracking your payroll and billable services data collection is simpler, quicker and easier for both staff and managers. Time Tracking, a secure web- based tool, uses no paper. The entire process from start to finish is electronic. Because Time Tracking is a “web-based tool” and NOT an app, no data is stored on mobile devices. This mitigates risks concerning HIPAA data or employee confidential information.

Cost of maintaining expensive hardware.

Expensive hardware is no longer an issue with Time Tracking. In fact, staff and managers can access Time Tracking 24/7 from any device including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones with a browser and an Internet connection.

Cost of repetitive data entry errors.

With Time Tracking’s point-of-entry validation and built-in-logic, the most common errors are eliminated. In addition, managers can quickly review and correct problematic data identified by the built-in warning flags. This takes the burden off your billing and payroll staff as most problems are resolved before the data gets to them. Having more accurate data means far less time spent fixing errors.

Inefficient duplicate data entry efforts.

Time Tracking integrates with Solana’s Payroll and Billing software, which means less time spent keying in data from paper forms and correcting input errors. Time Tracking is even more powerful when used alongside our other software solutions. In addition to Billing and Payroll, Time Tracking also integrates with our Staff Scheduling, Human Resources, Employee Requirements and Client Information software, giving you the most efficient and affordable tools available to manage your team.

Solana Time Tracking software

Key Benefits

  • Improve agency efficiency with less process duplication and more automation
  • Time savings during the review and approval cycle as point-of-entry validation eliminates most common errors and problematic data is flagged
  • Less time is spent correcting payroll and billing issues with more accurate data
  • Eliminate the cost of maintaining expensive hardware
  • No manual paper form distribution and collection efforts
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