Staff turnover is one of the most challenging matters a provider works to improve. Solana has mastered the use of data and visualizations to understand where you can best use your recources.
Please read what a customer of ours has said:

We retained Solana in 2016 for assistance in improving our rates of retention. We are a community mental health center providing a variety of services. Most notably, we operate a child and adolescent residential program which employs around 250 direct-care staff. Our turnover rates for these entry-level positions was too high - around 70% annualized. So we sought out Solana for counsel.

We have appreciated the assistance from Solana. The analysis of our data provided insight, focus and impetus. In addition to the data, Solana provided some recommendations for action. With credible data and specific recommendations, we agreed on some new ideas and were able to move ahead on some ideas we were unsure about. So we implemented several new practices and have seen positive results. Since fall 2017, our turnover percentage for direct care staff has dropped to 40% annualized. There's more work to do - our problem isn't gone - but Solana has been helpful in moving us in a positive direction.

Cutomer's CEO
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